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xavie ([personal profile] xavie) wrote in [community profile] housewarming_dw2009-04-29 10:34 pm
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The Living Room - Dance Floor

Today we don't care about the neighbors. Let's have fun! \o/

[personal profile] lian has rigged her iPod to the stereo and compiled small playlist with catchy dance tunes for your enjoyment.
Why don't you set up your own* and share it with us?

Enjoy the music, have a some crackers and see who else is there. Why don't you go over and get something from the cocktail bar? :D

* (info: [personal profile] lian chose hypetape.com because you can set it up with an existing google account and it ignores the annoying lock-in that prevents music from being heard across national borders. This is a global housewarming party, after all!)