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[personal profile] lian2009-04-30 01:04 am
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a door, ajar : the suggestions entry

Hello and welcome -- thanks for subscribing and peeking in! <3

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment to this entry. Thank you!
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at the buffet

It has never been clear if the best part in a party was the delicious food or the diabolical gossip - both to be found at the buffet. No matter if you want to exchange the hottest news or are simply fond of our cooking skills (and great they are!), this is your place! ^__^
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the library

Welcome to our library. Hear a fire crackle in the hearth and smell the fine aroma of tea waiting for you on the coffee table. Plushy armchairs invite you to entertain night-long conversations while around you walls of bookshelves tell long-forgotten stories.
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The Living Room - Dance Floor

Today we don't care about the neighbors. Let's have fun! \o/

[personal profile] lian has rigged her iPod to the stereo and compiled small playlist with catchy dance tunes for your enjoyment.
Why don't you set up your own* and share it with us?

Enjoy the music, have a some crackers and see who else is there. Why don't you go over and get something from the cocktail bar? :D

* (info: [personal profile] lian chose because you can set it up with an existing google account and it ignores the annoying lock-in that prevents music from being heard across national borders. This is a global housewarming party, after all!)